As an independant consultant I have been working with Filemaker since 1989. Starting out as an in-house developer for a real estate office, I soon found myself helping many real estate offices with their database needs. I then expanded my expertise at Chris Moyer Consulting working with a new client every few months. I am certified in FileMaker Pro versions 7, 8, 12, and 13 and look forward to becoming certified in the next available version.

In 2007 I was a workshop speaker at the FileMaker Developer Conference in Orlando, Florida. My topic was Estimating & Storyboarding a Project - Improve Your Accuracy. Every new project we start is like learning a whole new job. I believe that storyoarding is the key element to determining that I am actually on the same page as my client! If the story is right then the estimate is more likely to be accurate as well.

FileMaker can make you more efficient but it also allows you to understand your business better by offering easy ways to analyze your data. My goal is to help you become more successful with whatever business you are in!